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Shiitake tincture

Shiitake tincture

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Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) is known to many as a culinary mushroom. It is also growing increasingly popular as a functional mushroom. Our shiitake is grown at our indoor farm in the Finnish countryside, in Karjalohja. It grows in sustainably harvested, PEFC/FSC certified birch.

Shiitake is the second most-widely cultivated mushroom in the world and is commonly used in many Asian restaurants. The Chinese were the first to cultivate this mildly-fragrant mushroom more than six hundred years ago, and its medicinal properties have also been known for centuries.

To make our potent, organic shiitake tincture, we only the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms, no mycelium. It is extracted with ultrasonic assisted extraction (UAE) technology, as well as alcohol and hot water. With this innovative extraction method our aim is to maximise the bioavailability of the compounds of interest found in shiitake.

A sense of personal shield when the going gets tough. Strong anti-viral properties.

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